We walk into the terminal, fully prepared to board this flight and get out of LA. But it seems, so are the other 150 people. It’s hot because of the windows, the terminal is crowded, my bag is heavy, and I just wanna get this over with. The Siberian Husky that may have kept me sane ten minutes ago, is doing nothing for me now. Finally, after the people who need extra assistance board, we are called and can finally board. The amount of relief that flows through me is insane. I walk to my seat with my dad and stow my backpack, only keeping out headphones, gum, my book, and my phone.

Almost a half hour later, we can see, and feel, the first signs of movement. And that, is where I fall asleep.

A few minutes later, once we have descended into the sky, I feel my body being shaken by my dad as we fly over the Pacific Ocean before turning back to Minnesota. I awaken only for that, just long enough to take quality pictures, and fall back asleep.

Our journey is far from over, but for the time being, (and the next two hours) I’m getting all the rest I can to make up for the time change.

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