I set up the final pictured filled canvas of a player on my big brother’s hockey team and immediately start reminiscing about how these pictures came about. I remember standing by the glass surrounding the ice, and being scared out of my mind. The number of hits taken right in front of me always made me flinch at the beginning of the season, but by the end of the season, I was more interested in getting a picture of their facial expressions. I think about how much I’ve grown, and how much they have as a team. The end of the season banquet is always a bittersweet moment, especially for the seniors, and I can’t help but feel sad in thinking that next year is the last year I’ll ever be able to see my brother play hockey. I’ve spent nine seasons in these rinks, and it’s sad to think how quickly it’ll all be over.

3 thoughts on “SOLSC-12/31”

  1. I love the dual storylines within this short post – your growth and confidence as a spectator, but more as a photographer compared to your brother’s growth and that of his team. Sounds like these are fond memories for sure!!

    P.S. Did you ever get the shot you were hoping for?

    1. I did! They were kind of intimidating because I’m used to seeing these guys trying to punch each other and goof off since they were ten years old, so it is a stark contrast to when they are off the ice.

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