I turn over, lazily moving on my bed trying to see if the sunset is worth getting out of bed for. Apparently, it is. With the perfect view of the sun going right between the split of the one trunk of a tree outside my window, almost looking like it was made to fit there, it looks perfect and immediately reminds me of summer. The idea of summer makes my mind ring out in memories of campfires, fireflies, and long pool days. The nights were the best part I think, going over memories from the past summer. The nights when I could wear shorts and thick shirts to hide my (unfortunately pale) sun kissed skin, only to stay up late around the fire, gazing up at stars and only seeing the past.

I snap out of my daze and glance around my lamp lit room with beams of sun fighting for us to not leave it alone again. I set my backpack on the floor from where I quite literally, plopped on my bed to start reading. I decide to open my book once again, knowing that I won’t be able to get out of this trance until the last word is read.

3 thoughts on “SOLSC-17/31”

  1. “…with beams of sun fighting for us to not leave it along again.”

    I love this line and the idea of reading the night away! Hope you were able to finish your book!

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