I can feel the sunlight seeping in through the windshield. It is absorbed into my black long sleeve shirt (now looking back, I wholeheartedly regret this decision) and makes my entire heart instantly feel warmer. Listening to the quiet music playing soulfully in the background has always seemed to be a favorite pastime of mine. Whether it was when I was four years old and obsessed with Bluegrass and “blue gum” because that’s what my dad loved or my days of singing the spongebob theme song for hours on end, simply for the pleasure of being an annoying youngest sibling. Seeing my older (at the time preteen) sister’s face get all red was just an added bonus.

I snap out of my daze and squirm trying to keep my right arm out of the sun. Eventually I do suceed and my arm returns to it’s normal pale, freckled color, in a few minutes.

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