I release a sigh and feel my shoulders slump. I had finally made it into the safety of the car and wouldn’t have to come back until the following Monday.

As soon as I slammed my locker sit up after the dismissal bell had rang, I had made a deadbolt out of the school with my backpack free of almost any homework. As I had attempted to shuffle my way through the hallway, I noticed the many kids lingering by their lockers and socializing, and I internally scoffed. The first gap I saw in the sea of students I shot through and got the heck out of there. I narrowly escaped the hallways and sped down the stairs and quickly turned the corner to exit one of the sets of bright red, double doors. I spot my brother’s car quickly and walk out to trying to keep the rain off me. I look both ways for crazy drivers, and cross the street seeing that it’s clear. I open the car door, and enter my current safe haven.

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