I roll over on the small blanket, once again cocooned in a soft blanket. I bury my face further into the pillow and try to drown out any noise at all. Anything to stop my ears from hurting even more.

Being sick sucks, I think darkly.

Thinking back to earlier today, when I thought my ear was fine and my cold going away, I can’t help but feel releaved that I did go. It was worth the painful wait of the emergency clinic, and poking from the Doctor. At least they found out the source of my miserableness.

Double ear infections bring me so much joy, I can’t help but think sarcastically.

4 thoughts on “SOLSC-25/31”

  1. Ugh! Hope you’re feeling better! It was crazy running into you at the clinic today!

    Let’s hope this long weekend brings a whole lotta healing for lots of people!!

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