Slice of Life-Take 2-2/31

I click on the song feeling ecstatic. I have waited from a new song from this artist for years and to finally hear the announcement of a sophomore album, a freshly released music video, and a single is enough to make me want to squeal and dance around the room.

The first listen of a song, is a lot like the first read of an article. You read to understand what you will be reading about, and you listen to try and get a feel for the beat. This first listen determines how you interact with the text and the song.

After the first listen, I already want to dance. It’s full of the usual goodness that comes from this artist, but with a more danceable beat. It screams girl power, and is completely new. The added components of the song make me want me want to hug the musician and thank them for the art they have just created.

The next listens are for content. This step is really never over, and you can always find new meanings behind lyrics. The meaning of the song is all up to the listener. To some, the song could be upbeat and happy, while to others it could reveal unsaid pain.

The interpretation of music is all up to the listener, and what they bring to the speaker.

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