Slice of Life-Take 2-18/31

As the entire team sat together, hands gripping each other until knuckles were white, the entire auditorium feel silent.

We all took a collective deep breath as soon as the announcer began his usual speech for what team came in second place and would advance onto States.

The team knew that we wouldn’t come in first-we hadn’t done well enough for that. Third place had gone to another team. This was it. This was our last chance.

Once the announcer uttered the word Portland, we took off in a dead sprint. My body had gone numb in happiness, and I felt myself slowly go into autopilot mode.

We tripped over each other, like clumsy gazelles. But the smiles on our faces were massive as we ran down the steep stairs to claim our much deserved Science Olympiad team medals, invitation to the State Competition, and the trophy.


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