Slice of Life-Take 2-27/31

As the teacher turns her back to us, I eagerly make a grab for my book. She says that she won’t take long to make the phone calls, but I can’t help but hope that she does.

When I open the hardcover, signed (cue hyperventilating), copy of the book, I fall into another world. Within the bindings of each book, buried deep within the pages, lies many more worlds than we could ever know.

While some look at reading as a chore, I look upon it as an opportunity to learn and to live. When I read, I become the characters. The plot plays out inside my mind, with all sorts of emotions running through it. The life of these fictional characters can only come alive to those who wish for it and bring it to life. Some do this on movie screens, but the rest of us have to use our imaginations.

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