stay tuned for more changes–day five

My back feels heavy as I carry the mountain of binders and textbooks out of school.

I run through my assigned homework and makeup work to guarantee I have what I need. I start to prepare for the upcoming day and all that it will bring, and find myself wondering how I am going to feel and how much this surgery will change my life.

I don’t know how my voice is going to change. Or my sense of smell. Or my taste buds.

I don’t even know if this surgery will clear my sinuses, regardless of how many times the surgeons and nurses assure me that I am taking the right path on this difficult road to recovery.

But I do know that things are changing.

Changes that will bring a world where I can breathe a little easier (literally speaking).

4 thoughts on “stay tuned for more changes–day five”

    1. Changes are coming in many, many forms!!
      Thank you! The surgery itself went really well, but I have to recover at this point which is going to be a challenge.

    1. I got sinus surgery!! It was pretty sudden, sorry girl! The doctors had to go clean everything up in there, so I’ve been out of school.

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