03 / 29 / 2020

My stomach begins to ache as my shoulders shake, an immediate reaction to the unexpected joke and reaction, all caught on camera.

As tears cloud my sight, I’m reminded of how much I missed my family. I missed the five of us being able to be present and comfortable together.

I missed the drama, I missed the snark, I missed the laughter, and most of all, I missed the love that this house can explode with when we are all together.

The dread I felt over this giant family Zoom call was immense, so I’m relieved with the feeling of love and comfort that is left behind, long after the “end call” button is clicked.

One thought on “03 / 29 / 2020”

  1. Maura,

    What an all-too-familiar feeling you have captured here. I appreciate the tone of the piece – the raw emotion – and the sudden shift and resolution.
    Thank you for sharing!

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