For the first time all night, I’m able to plop down onto the couch and not worry if it messes up my hair. I flex my aching feet, from both walking around with and without heels on. As I look at the strips of photo booth pictures I’ve accumulated over the whole night, I let a small smile take over my face playing over the dance in my head. As chaotic and loud as it may have been, it was great. The random dancing, weird inside jokes, awkward and unexplainable pictures poses taken with friends, and collection of smiles and laughs, make it worth all the aches and pains in the world.

After all, it’s the memories and pictures that last longer than any hairstyle, nail polish, or makeup could ever last.

7 thoughts on “SOLSC-11/31”

  1. Great writing! Taking pictures in the photobooth was one of the most fun parts of the night. Some of mine did turn out very awkward and unexplainable:) Your hair was amazing by the way!

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