03/ 20/ 2020

I let the potting soil run through my fingers as I try keep it from escaping it’s new pot. The feeling is grimy, but it helps to motivate me.

As I take the plant out of the old pot and gently put it into a new one, I’m reminded of how delicate these lives are. They are all depending on me to supply them with water (and not allow them to dropped so the dogs will eat them), but when put outside, they are completely independent. But, when I bring them into my room, my personal space, they rely on me.

One thought on “03/ 20/ 2020”

  1. Maura, what a great image! I love that you’re using this time to get grimy and foster growth. Calder (who is now a SEVENTH GRADER?!?!) and Garth made garden plans a couple of days ago and will be prepping seed starters in the coming days.

    Interestingly, I see connections between the inside and outside of your plants and all that’s currently happening in the world. Sometimes, we need time, space, care, and safer conditions before we’re strong enough to be transplanted back outside.

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