As I sit on the cramped airplane, waiting for our flight to take off, slightly buzzed on hot chocolate, but excited anyway, I glance out the window and look at the workers moving around quickly. They move quickly and swiftly, trying to move the suitcases and get the flight off the ground and onto Detroit. I continue staring, not caring if anyone notices.

When the flight attendant announces we will be departing in roughly 15 minutes because of the frozen wings and a delay in something, and advert my gaze back to the window from the middle aisle, with only two┬árows of two seats on the entire plane and only space for backpacks and purses above us, to the people moving efficiently and effortlessly outside together. Soon after, the plane begins to pull out, much to the surprise of everyone at this early hour, only to be put in a line to be “sprayed” off so the wings would unfreeze, and a few minutes later, we are in the sky.

2 thoughts on “SOLSC-4/31”

    1. I hate how cramped they are! We were sitting in the back and I’m thankful that the flight was short. Thank you! You will hear lots of stories from me!

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